Small Changes = Big Results

 “Big” things are more noticeable, but never forget that every “big” thing we can see is made up of many small things. That’s the way it is in your “big” life too. It really is all the little things that add together to make our life what it is. Little habits, thoughts, words and deeds add up to create the “big” picture that is our life. With that in mind I want to remind you to include some little ingredients into your everyday routine. A little prayer scattered all throughout the day. A little thankfulness to God and the people around you, especially for “little” positive things we see in them. A little thinking about the “big” picture and the future that is ahead of you so that you don’t live so much of your life in crisis mode because of what you didn’t see coming. And finally, include doing a little more good than you have to do, at home, at work and wherever you see an opportunity. These little things will be like seeds that will grow into “BIG” positive changes in the quality of your life. #stopcomplainingandstartchanging #beadoer